Sonoff Basic

Sonoff Basic Review


In Review the Sonoff Basic is an entry-level WiFi switch. It allows you to control any electrical appliance up to 10Amps via your WiFi network. Its case is made from ABS and is retardant of fire.

It does work out of the box with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. I personally prefer it running Tasmota firmware with easy integration into Home Assistant. Flashing is easy and instructions can be found here.

Features Include:

  • CE approved for safety.
  • Compact Design.
  • Firmware Up-gradable to Tasmota.
  • Compatible with Home Assistant.


Our finds have shown this to be a reliable smart device. However the 10A rating makes it limited and is a major draw back with appliances such as space heaters. It is best suited to things such as lamps, LED lights, oscillating fans. We have also come to find that having to provide power cords can be daunting as cutting up an extension cord or the devices cord maybe required. While many tend to put these inside a wall junction box to give a switched light the smart capabilities. Please be adiviced that this may not be up to code in some areas and to verify with your regions electrical code before doing such a thing. To conclude on the Sonoff Basic review. I must say that this is simply one of the most affordable ways to make an existing device smart and your best bet when starting off.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to hook up.
  • On board on/off button.


  • Not FCC Rated.
  • Doesn’t Support standard 15A. It only is 10 A capable.

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